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Welcome to my personal website. I'm a 49 year old father of two girls. I'm an atheist and a realist. I like music, movies, videogames, motorsports, reading and technology. I've been called a geek on more than one occasion and it's something I'm not ashamed of in any way.

Music-wise, I prefer rock but I'm pretty happy with anything that has a decent tune. I do appreciate music as an art form, but I am also quite opinionated about what I consider to be audible rubbish. The movies I prefer are generally science-fiction, although I do like a good comedy. I like anything relating to motorsports but tend to follow the MotoGP more than anything else. I'm willing to give pretty much any book a chance, but if it hasn't grabbed me by the first four chapters, I rarely continue.

Finally, technology is something that fascinates me and I don't think I could ever get bored of it.